is one of the most visited sites related to solo ads. We rank #1-3 for almost all Solo Ads related term.

So, if you are a solo ads vendor or have a service that is related to email marketing or digital marketing in general, you’re going to make money advertising with

A lot of solo ad vendors struggle to make sales, well, not any more! We have been delivering quality traffic to solo ad vendors and email marketing related service providers for over 3 years.

You can literally high-jack the traffic by choosing from one of the following ad spots on the website.

Zone A: Rotating Banners (2 Spots).

The 728×90 ad appears on the top of the home page (gets most traffic and eye-balls). Only two ad rotations are available.

Pricing for the unit is $75 per week or $250 for the 4 weeks.

The banner can not be bigger than 30K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.


Click Here for Zone A

Zone B: Rotating Banners (2 Spots).

The 728×90 ad appears in the middle of the Solo Ad Vendors Table, works amazingly well for Solo Ad Vendors. Only two ad rotations are available.

Pricing for the unit is $65 per week or $220 for 4 weeks.

The banner can not be bigger than 30K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.



Click Here for Zone B

Zone C: Advanced Search Ads – (2 Spots).


A Short text ad can be displayed in the most clicked section of our website. When you come to the website, one thing that immediately grabs your attention is the search bar, clicking on it opens a drop down with various options.

You can add your advertising message into this bar. Since it looks like a part of the website, it has that inherent trust factor going for you that greatly increases conversions. All the top vendors in the industry also know the power of approval and what a conversion boosting factor it is.

Only 2 spots per month available. Pricing for the unit is $45 per week or $150 for 4 weeks.


Click Here for Zone C

Zone D: Sponsored Listing  (2 Spots).


Are you a solo ad vendor with good quality traffic, but struggling to get sales? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get sales to your offers. Forget FB groups, skype groups and the other over-crowded places and use the best spot available on to get sales to your solo ads.

The way it works is still the same, you will need good reviews and at least a few paying customers. We just won’t feature you UNLESS you’re indeed a legit solo ad vendor. You will be scored by our team using the algorithm we’ve developed using our experience of over 3 years.

It will be just like the usual vendors BUT YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON TOP! You’ll get the most exposure, more sales and more branding than anybody else.

Note: We reserve the right to reject your application if you’re not up to the mark. We’re a trusted source for solo ad buyers for a reason and we intend to keep it going for a long long time.

Pricing for this unit is $80 per week or $300 for 4 weeks.

This spot is my personal recommendation to anyone who is a solo ad vendor looking to get sales! This is as easy as it gets.


Click Here for Zone D

Zone E: Top Bar (1 Spot).


The top bar is easily the most HARD TO IGNORE part of the website. We are almost always sold out for this position but if you can get in touch at the magical time between time and space – you just might get a spot…lol

No kidding, this is hands-down the most effective spot for your marketing bucks but you won’t be able to score unless you act quick. We turn down atleast a dozen requests every week for this spot because we want this to be an EXCLUSIVE SPOT!

No rotations. No nothing….. if you’re on this – YOU’RE THE BOSS MAN!

1 Spot – 1 Month – No negotiations. I know you’re probably going like “Prashant, why so rude?”

The answer is pretty simple: If we give out a discount WE LOSE MONEY! The simple fact is, this is one of the most IN-DEMAND spots and we almost never have to worry about filling this bad boy up.

If you choose to miss the bus, there are at least 11 others who want to get in, so we can’t give you a discount at all on this one – sorry.

So if you’re a shark in an ocean full on minnows, get this one.

Pricing for this unit is $397 per month.


Click Here for Zone E