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    Prashant and his firm are directly responsible for helping me work with some of the biggest names in the industry. The knowledge and experience you get working with this guy is the best thing you can ever experience.

    I started working with him fresh out of college and within 2 years, I had more knowledge about digital marketing than most of my seniors at my new firm. And it has it rewards as I get a higher than usual income at this new firm too….. If I didn't want to move from digital marketing into copywriting I would have never left his guidance.

    Being under his wing, and learning from him is the best thing you can do.

    Aditi Kawatra
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    Oh Wow! Glad I made it to your list sir.

    Alright so here it goes:

    I worked with sir for a little over 1 year and during that time I learned how to create marketing funnels and drive traffic using solo ads and other sources of traffic. With the knowledge I gained from him, I was able to start my own online business in a completely new market and dominate (our word) the competition because I just knew way way more about the market thanks to sir and his ‘AVATAR’ training that I got.

    I used to sell $1,000 - $5,000 packages for sir’s coaching and I got access to it for free as well being a part of the team. I vaguely even remember him doing multiple $500/hour consultations one week…. all in all! If you are in a position to work with his firm, DO IT! It’s an investment into your future.

    Don’t screw things up though, because I know he hates nothing more than disloyal people. Stay hard working and this’ll be your best career move!

    Rajiv Mathur
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    To be honest when I worked with you, I didn’t really like the way you sometimes pushed us to achieve more than what we had time for; but now I realize, had it not been your pushes, I’d never be able to get what I really wanted and that was to create a stable life for my family.

    What I’ve learned from you about webinars and marketing them is invaluable. I even remember we spoke to one client Bob Boyd who had been online for 8 years but never really made any good money; and then you and I worked to help him create his first online money making funnel.

    Great working with you Prashant. Always a pleasure to rub shoulders with giants of the industry like you. I hope we can get a chance to work on other projects as well in the future Mr. Sharma.

    Peace love and RESPECT! What you’ve done at your age is truly phenomenal.

    Kelly Williams

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