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Hey Marketers,

I am Prashant Sharma and I have a very special, exclusive and limited time offer for you today. I see people like you and I are spending hundreds of dollars everyday to buy solo ads that give us a maximum optin rate of 45-50%!

….that is if your optin page is completely KICK-ASS!ย 

90% of the solo ad buyers have an optin page that converts less than 50%! You know what that means? You are leaving almost 50% money on the table, getting less number of subscribers per solo and making less money!’

.Solo adsAssuming You Buy Clicks atย 50 Cents Per Click; For an Optin Page That Converts at 45%.

  • You Bought 1,000 Clicks = $500
  • Average Optin Page Conversion Rate = 45%
  • Number Of Subscribers You Got = 450 Subscribers
  • SAVINGS = 25 Cents Per Subscriber!



* 40-45% is the average conversion rate of most optin pages.

* 50 cents is the standard per click rate in the market; not taking into account the special offers that people run or low quality click providers who might charge much less.

solo ads


Yes, you read that correct! I am going to build your list for you. I’ve been adding a couple of hundred subscribers every single day for the past few months and I’ve got to a point where I know exactly what yields the best results!

Why would I do it instead of just building my own list bigger? Well, make no mistake about it that I am still adding hundred of people to my list everyday and that leaves me with a lot of under-utilized or un-utilized clicks….

….now this isn’t exactly a bad problem! Its better than having no clicks at all ๐Ÿ˜›

So what I’ve decided is I am going to take 4 people at a time and get them 550 guaranteed subscribers. It might take a week or it might take 10 days but I am going to be working with those 4 people very closely and guaranteeing them a hands-free list building experience.




Firstly, As mentioned earlier I am going to be working closely with all the 4 people who claim the spot and I have only so much time in my hands to dedicate to the clients so; to ensure that everything goes flawlessly and smoothly I am going to work with 4 buyers at a time.

Secondly,ย this package includes an optin page design (my optin pages get 60%+ conversion rates), an email swipe file that you can use even afterwards for your solo ad buys, 550 guaranteed subscribers and everything is hosted on my server till the completion of the job so it involves a lot of manual work on my end aswell.

Thirdly,ย I want to establish a name for myself in the solo ad market. And what better way to do it than to deliver (1) Outstanding Value; (2) Help create someone else’s business (3) Get Success Stories, Testimonials and repeat buyers for life! And to be honest, I don’t mind the extra cash it’ll put in my pocket ๐Ÿ™‚

Untitled-4____________________________HERE’S WHAT IS INCLUDED:_______________________________

  • 550 Subscribers (which would otherwise cost you $610)
  • 1 High Converting Optin Page Template ($127 Value)
  • 1 High Click-Through-Rate Email Swipe File ($47 Value)
  • 1 Thank You Page Design Template ($197 Value)
  • List of FaceBook Groups Where You Can Buy/Sell Solo Ads ($9.99 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = $990.99


(NO buy now button though, read below….)

* The Thank You page is a bonus that I am throwing in this deal. A good funnel never stops after the optin, my thank you page makes you money as soon as people optin. I’ve been using heat map tools (crazyegg) to estimate visitor behaviour and have modified my thank you page to get me maximum profits. YOU GET ALL THE BENEFITS FOR FREE!

* You may use the email swipe/optin page I make for you even after this deal is done – that is for you to use and make cash ๐Ÿ™‚


Nope, there is no buy now button for this offer! When I said this is not for everyone and I have only 4 spots at a time I wasn’t kidding. The only way you can get access to this service is by getting in touch via skype or email.

I work with you hands-on and $477 is not chump change, so I want to talk to you and see if you are the right fit for this spot and if I can help you build your business and take it to the next level. If not, I don’t want your money ๐Ÿ™‚ I have enough of my own and I make more daily.


To Mutual Success

prashant sharma