How To Sell 3 Products At The Same Time

Hey there, this is Prashant and welcome to this video. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to sell 3 products at the same time without being a dick? You won’t make 3 times the money, though that’s not how it works but it’s gonna be better than just promoting one offer because you know when you trying to sell someone.

Let’s take an example right, so let me think of an example, let’s say you’re in the weight loss market. There are 3 products that you have. There is a weight loss pill, there is a weight loss diet, and then there is a weight loss juice, alright. So there is juice, diet and a pill.

So somebody who’s looking for a quick way to lose fat might be into pills but there is gonna be another segment of the audience that don’t want to put a pill in their body or chemicals in their body. So they’re gonna be more inclined towards buying a diet product, right.

So when you have just one product, you have only one chance to make the sale but once you’ve the knowledge that I give you today you can actually promote 3 different offers. And the way you do it is really really simple. And here’s how you do it, okay.

So this is how the usual funnel looks. You send traffic to an opt-in page and that leads to a sales page. This is the usual affiliate marketing funnel. Now our funnel which uses a smart click multiplication script. This is how it works, you send traffic to an opt-in page then you send them to confirm human page where we’ve a click multiplication script installed.

If they click on the button on the confirm human page which is about in our test almost 96-97% people actually click on it. I think it is 96… something. So let’s just say 96% people click on the confirm human page, it’s gonna take them to sales page, offer #1 and the old page is gonna redirect to another page which has 2 different offers. And it leads to sales page offer #2 and then sales page for offer #3.

Now I know it doesn’t make sense but this is how the diagram looks and it’s gonna make more sense because we’re going to see it live. Let me show you how it looks, okay. Alright, so this is how it looks, right. How to generate a $100,000 per year income?

Now this headline is completely shitty. I do not recommend you use this, this is just a sample page because I don’t really wanna give you the right headline that I use for my own products and services, right.

So I’m just gonna give you the best formula to generate the best headline possible and it is “how to do ___” which is the benefit that they get “without the ___” which is the pain or the problem that they have “in X amount of days.” That’s the best headline format.

So if you’re struggling with headline. Let’s say you teach people how to make $400-$500 a day your headline would say, “how to make $300-$400 per day without confusion, overwhelm or any technical skills in the next 30 days and register the first sale in the next first 30 or 40 days.” Whatever the thing is, that’s the headline that works the best for us in our business and that’s the formula that we use and you can use in your own business.

So anyway, so this is how the page looks. So I’m just gonna put in Since this is a sample page that I build, they click on this. Now this was the opt-in page, right. Now let’s see what happens to the confirm human page, right. If they click on this it takes them to one offer which is loading right here, we’re processing a submission and it’s gonna redirect them to offer #1.

So this is offer #1 and see what happens to the page that had the confirm human button what do you wanna achieve in the next 30 days. This is offer #2 and this is offer #3, right. So let’s go back to the presentation and the example. So you saw the traffic they goes to an opt-in page, people put in their email address. They go to a confirm human page, 96% of them will click the confirm human page because it’s so like it’s not something that would get somebody’s guards up. They click on it and they go to offer page #1 and the old page redirects to the page with 2 different offers which looks like this.

So how do you do that? Well, use a click multiplication script and to download the script and how to use it. This script should be in the first comment below this video. So I’m not sure if you’re gonna watch it on YouTube or Facebook but in any case it will be in the description or the comment section below.

And use it to your full advantage because this is how you promote 3 different offers and I’ve already showed it to you live. And the reason why I’m making these videos right now is because I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis through my websites and my support desk. And the most people that I speak to they’ve been trying to make money with this online marketing thing for years with little to none success.

They’ve tried blogging, they’ve tried social media, they’ve bought product after product and they still not made any money. They’re jumping from one shiny object to the other but they’re not getting any results. They sound desperate for success, they want to make it work, they’re working hard but they just don’t know how.

The fact is, there’s a pyramid online that only a few people will ever talk about and most of these guys are at the bottom of it, the people that I interact with. I made a video revealing this online income pyramid so you can at least have a better idea of what you’re doing and where you’re heading.

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Go to and spend some time learning how you are risking everything, your time, your effort, your money to build someone else’s business and making them rich. The website is and I’m Prashant Sharma and I’ll speak to you later. B-Bye.