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1. How To Get Paid To FAIL?

Hi there,

It’s me (Prashant Sharma), founder; which just happens to be the #1 Solo Ads Directory in the world 🙂

And, today I am going to answer a question that I get asked a ton of times through my support desk and the live chat on my blog ( and! It is THE 1 QUESTION that every big name in the industry gets the most:

Is there an easy way to make money online? And although I want to say ‘NO’. There are methods available today that allow you to sell PROVEN PRODUCTS and get a hefty commission. They even tell you what to do exactly to get the sales…. incredible!

So in this short post I am going to cover a way you can get EASY MONEY; since that is what a lot of people want…

2. I Was YOU!

Not a long time back, I was also trying to find a solution to make money online without having to work too hard…. I was directionless and was getting frustrated with every offer that I saw online! It was M.A.D….

…..I struggled and quit! Then got right back on; struggled some more without any results.

In the end I was out of more money; than I made and was going crazy thinking about WHY CAN’T I GET THIS GOING….

I was clearly working hard but:

3. I Was Suffering! 

  • I was SLAVING hard with little or no results;
  • I was tired of all the crappy hyped products;
  • I was spending more money on new ebooks/courses than I was making using the crappy methods in the silly guides!

To be honest that was probably the worst time in my life coz I literally had no direction what so ever. I was doing things but didn’t know WHY!

4. But Then It Changed!

I chose a system that was working, in other words, I modelled success and promised myself that I would follow through….

I learned basic HMTL, Learned about Autoresponders, created countless pages which literally took months and then finally got a website up that had a sales process going…..

And even after all that months of hard work – it failed! I was infuriated…. but I remembered the promise I made to myself….

In went another $1,500 for copywriting consultation. The copywriter looked at my copy and made it work.

Another $500 for traffic generation and I made $10 ($510-500). It wasn’t much but it was working.

Scaled it up, tweaked it a bit and made $650 on the next $500 spend = $150 profit!

5. Total Investment = $6,300

  • Months worth of effort (at just $15/hour) = $3,600
  • Autoresponder, hosting, domain etc. = $200
  • Copywriting consultation = $1,500
  • Traffic Generation = $1,000

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting to include some things…. it was like 2 years back!

6. And I HATE YOU Now!

Why? Well, not really , we’re buds 🙂

But I hate the fact that what I had to learn to do everything from scratch and now there are all these fancy-spanzy licensing systems that literally allow you to invest like $20-30 and everything is already setup….

…. The sales funnels are tested, you don’t need copywriters, the servers are theirs and they do all the grunt work.

All you do is pay them a couple of dollars and they give you a link to promote.

You use that link to tell your friends about it and BOOM! You just make money! Already!

Without having to set up anything at all… now you know what I hate this!

7. Internet Lifestyle Network

The one licensing system that I love and recommend the most is ILN. Why? If you fail I will get you:

(1) A refund

(2) $100 CASH via PayPal for failing at making money!

But it is almost impossible to fail with this system! Hence the Refund + $100 guarantee.

You just need to do the following 4 things:

8. What is the Catch!

“This Seems Too Good To Be True

I know you’re probably wondering why any one would give away a $1.2 million dollar business to you for a low price….

Let me address that right here: YOU GET IT FOR FREE! Test it first, pay me when you see it works for you.

See no catches at all…. I am willing to bet my money to prove to you that it works. See, I know you’re also probably tired of all the hypey B.S that is being circulated all over the internet marketing forums and other places!

I get that, I am on your team…. but think about it. You hack a $1,200,000 system and pay us when you make money!

And if you fail you get $100 CASH from us; FOR FAILING!

9. But There’s More!

Here are ILN; I am going to be the one answerable to you; IF YOU JOIN UNDER ME USING MY LINK! 

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10. The FB Community

Your New Success Family

  • A Super Supportive ILN community of over 80,000 entrepreneurs;
  • Access to multiple 8 Figure marketers via Facebook;
  • Video Tutorials worth $10,000+;
  • 4 Level Affiliate program that makes you money on SALES YOU DON’T MAKE!

It is just an unbelievable thing to be a part of…. Other similar programs charge thousands of dollars to let you access their systems.

But, here at ILN, I want we want you to be making money first and paying us second!

11. Still Not Feeling It?

Check Out Some Success Stories

Get Started NowNext: You'll Get FREE Access To a $1.2 Million Business Model

There Are Countless More.... Do You REALLY Wish To Miss This?

Get Started NowNext: You'll Get FREE Access To a $1.2 Million Business Model

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