Making offers to increase solos opt-ins


Your opt-in email list with solos is one of the most important marketing tools on your website, so you need to give it an important place on your website. Your opt-in offer needs to be located in an easy to view, important area of your website and also of your solos. If your opt-in promotion is not located in an easy to find place on your website and also in the solo ads, you will lose the opportunity of getting those needed sign ups.

Where is the best place to put your solos opt-in promotion?

There are several places where you can insert your opt-in promotions for them to be effective.

  • When your website homepage has a sales letter then it’s good to put it somewhere in the second page, right after having grabbed your reader’s attention. It is easier to get a reader to give you their email address after you have established yourself as the expert and built trust.
  • When you don’t have a sales letter then you need to display it within the opening area of the landing page. That means it will be visible to the visitor without having to scroll down the page.
  • Another good place to put your opt-in offer is in the top left or right hand corner. A person seems to notice the corners of a website more than other areas. So if you’re using graphical opt-in boxes or peel-away-ads the reader’s eyes will be drawn to proper place.

What do you do when you have no traffic? How do you grow your opt-in list?

When you have a new site and your business is not really established, what can you do? You probably think that you can’t create an opt-in list because there aren’t enough viewers on your site.

There are still ways you can increase your opt-in list even when you don’t have a lot of viewers yet with solo ads Review.

Getting more traffic to your site means you will get more opt-ins but sometimes you just can’t wait for all those solos marketing techniques you are using to take effect. You need the opt-ins now and you can’t wait for your site to gain popularity. There are a few things you can do to generate opt-ins even when you don’t have traffic at your site through solos.

  • You can join a co-registration service and have viewers sign up for your newsletter, when they are signing up for something else. This way they don’t have to give all of their information over again.
  • You can rent an opt-in list.
  • Look to eBay to grow your opt-in list.
  • Use advertising in other places to create an opt-in list.

Minimal Site Traffic: Strategies For Increasing Opt-In List

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i. The Co-Registration Way

Using co-registration is an ideal way to get people to sign up for your newsletter. You

list your newsletter next to another business so when people sign up for the other newsletter, they also get yours.

You can find a co-registration site by asking a site that is related to yours to carry your newsletter registration in exchange for you carrying theirs. Another option is to just sign up for a co-registration service and pay a fee for them to carry your newsletter.

This fee will probably run you between 25 cents and $1 for each subscriber which is less than the cost of quality solos. Generally speaking, the higher the price of each subscriber the better the subscriber, and the more targeted that person will be toward your industry.

ii. Bartering Co-Registration

Ask your competitors to use co-registration with you. This is one of the best ways of growing your opt-in list by exchanging or bartering newsletter subscriptions with your competitors without doing solos.

It’s important to remember that other companies are looking for readers too. You might have people on your list that they don’t have on theirs, and that they need. Find other newsletters with mailing lists that are the same size as yours. You can then put your opt-in offer on their site and they can put their opt-in offer on your site. If you choose companies with larger opt-in lists than yours then the company may decide not to exchange opt-in lists.

To get good success rates there are a couple of things you should do.

  • Your co-registration partner needs to be targeting the same audience you are.
  • Create a 60 to 70 word description of your business for your targeted audience. Something that will grab their attention and get them interested in signing up. When you have found a co-registration partner that you are interested in. Call them, it is better when there is an actual conversation, rather than dealing with them through email.

When you receive a new registration from your partner, send a thank you letter to the new subscriber. Make sure you track your subscription results so that you know whether the process is working or not.

iii. Renting An Opt-In List

You can also build your opt-in list by renting or purchasing a list from other solos companies that specialize in email lists. A lot of e-businesses choose this method because they can get thousands of different email addresses of people who have requested information regarding their topic.

When and if you decide to buy an existing opt-in list you need to think about the following elements.

  • Are your objectives clear?
  • Think about the price of each subscription. Is it working and is it worth it? What are the risks of renting an opt-in list instead of doing solos?
  • How do you find the right company that will either sell or rent the right list to you?

What Are Your Objectives Then?

You should think about what you want to accomplish from the opt-in list that you rent or buy.

Think and answer the following questions:

  • What do you want from your email advertising or solos? Do you want sales? Do you want name recognition? Do you want sign ups for your newsletter?
  • You need to also think about your targeted audience. Are you targeting other businesses or end consumers? Remember there are a lot of bad end consumer lists out there, so make sure you end up with a good one.

It takes about seven contacts from you to get a response from a potential customer. You need to establish that “oh so important relationship” with your prospects before they will buy from you and that takes about seven contacts from you in one way or another.

Because there is no face-to-face contact on the Internet, it takes a bit longer to get to know you, and to trust you. If you send them some kind of promotion that urges them to buy from you immediately, no matter how well written your sales letter in your solos is, the consumer probably won’t buy anything from you on the first offer. Why should they after all? They don’t know anything about your company or what you offer.

But, on the other hand, if you rent an opt-in list and send them an email offer in solos encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter or some other free offer, that truly interests them, then they are more likely to buy something from you later on.

The best option you can take when you decide to rent an opt-in list is to get readers to subscribe to your newsletter, ebook or other free promotion and then get them to buy something from you at a later date after you have established some kind of relationship.