Last Update: 24th March, 2015

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Name:Problem-1Problem-2Problem-3Complaint by:
Nicole HallRubbish TrafficLow Quality Leadslow conversion ratesPaul De Sousa
Josh Adlesperger
Liz C Hall
Jeff Casmer0% conversion ratesNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerJoseph Quinn
Thorleifur Karl ReynissonNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerRance Liu
Andrea Fulton
Esmer TrejoNon-DeliveryLow Quality LeadsOutright ScammerBrian Michael
Lexy High Quality Solo SellerNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerEarl Armstrong
Julie WendellOutright ScammerNon-DeliveryJohn J. Cornetta
Nick TerzichNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerGalor Solo
Reuben JuarezNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerPete Murray
Libuseng MaseelaNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerKaren Barr
Thomas KentNon-DeliveryNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerRachael Kavanagh
Lynn Huber
Craig BaldwinOutright ScammerNon-DeliveryJay Grover
Lewis Turner
Jacob ChandlerNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerKevin Steineman
Dann VickerRubbish TrafficOutright ScammerIgor Kheifets
Shahar Aziz
Matt DaviesFake ClicksOutright ScammerNate Holland
Joe YoungNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerMike Franks
Paul Reaume
John ThomasFake ClicksOutright ScammerYossi Vanunu
Shlomo Shemesh
Dennis Ray
Saul ThomasNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerAdir Solo Ad Dayan
Jermaine MintuckNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerRod Gourlie
Frank Liu
Nic CruzFake ClicksOutright ScammerWayne Kucia Smith
Marc ValenciaNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerPrashant Sharma
Gina GunningOutright ScammerUnethical MarketingPaul De Sousa
Igor Kheifets
Peter FanYin
Ben HamesNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerSagi Mitrany Soloads
Shahar Aziz
Jonie LeungNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerTomer Grinbaum
Tim MartukNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerPaul De Sousa
Miranda SpiccoliFake ClicksLowest Quality ClicksKeng Perapol
Ruben JuarezFake Clicks 0% conversion ratesManny Hernandez
Dan WalkerLeads from PakistanLow Quality LeadsShane Anderson
Cory FriedmanCo-Regs to 52 ListsBAD Coaching Unethical MarketingPaul DeSousa
Lewis Turner
Kenneth RenoNon-DeliveryOutright ScammerEthan Koh
Tyler Walker & Emily WalkerNon-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerPrashant Sharma
Josh Solo HundsruckerOutright ScammerNon-DeliveryAmir Hacham
Robert Jan Mastenbroek
Lewis Turner
Non-DeliveryOutright ScammerAmir Hacham
Jamie Anderson
Willie Crawford
Non-DeliveryNo CommunicationOutright ScammerAmir Hacham
John Gibb
Victor Garcia
Non-DeliveryOutright ScammerAmir Hacham
Eran SA Basha
Clayne Keegan
Non-DeliveryOutright ScammerAmir Hacham
Igor Kheifets
Natalie Wilson
Outright ScammerNon-DeliveryAmir Hacham
Paul De Sousa
Meital Rabi Solo
Non-DeliveryNo CommunicationAmir Hacham
Paul De Sousa
Danish Sarwar
Fake Clicks Outright ScammerAmir Hacham
Yossi Vanunu
Aviv Aci
David Dooley
Fake ClicksOutright ScammerFaisal Hussain