Solo Ads Testimonials Facebook Group Rules:

Please follow these or you will be banned for life
Here are the simple rules:

  • Do Not Bump More Than 1 Testimonial at a time. It Just Clutters The Feed.
  • Breaking any of the rules will result on getting a WARNING. 3 Warnings and you'll be banned for life. We've helped a lot of solo ads businesses grow, so let's respect each others businesses
  • Post Only Testimonials or Buying Clicks.
  • If the testimonial is for funnel clicks, MIXED or clicks banked you MUST specify so. If you get caught posting a testimonial for funnel clicks or clicks banked and make it look like a regular solo ad you will get banned along with the seller.
  • Posting Clicks for Sale / other offers / affiliate offers / banking is Prohibited. This is a testimonials group.
  • Commenting on your own old testimonials to bump them to the top is Prohibited. NO MORE than 7 days to reply to your client's comment only.
  • PMing our members selling them clicks is considered spam as is unsolicited messages and anybody who gets caught will get banned for life from the group.

Posting Format with Examples:

  1. Seller: (please tag if possible)
  2. Type: Solo Ads Clicks/Mixed Clicks/Funnel Clicks (write CLICKS!)
  3. Clicks Ordered:
  4. Clicks Received:
  5. Optin Rate:
  6. Tier 1 %:
  7. Sales: (if any, otherwise skip this)