Email Marketing List -How Much Does It Cost To Rent?

Renting an opt-in email list is expensive, that’s why it’s important to have a clear idea about what you want to gain from your email marketing.

An opt-in list will cost you between less than one cent to 25 cents for every email that is actually delivered. Email addresses that bounce back are usually replaced by valid email addresses.

But the problem is not actually in the price, it’s with the conversion rate. You can expect the conversion rate to be low on a rented opt-in list, so if you have a large list, you should expect about a 1% rate of subscriptions to your newsletter or other promotion, which is less than you get from buying solo ads for your email marketing.

It’s just not realistic to think that you will convert a large number from email marketing using a rented list, because they don’t know you. So a list may cost you anywhere from $100 to $1,000 dollars, and you may not see immediate results from it because you need to develop a relationship with these prospects.

No matter what you want to achieve through email marketing using your rented opt-in list, whether it be sales, subscriptions, or leads, you need to have your campaign well-defined and ready before you send out those emails.

To get a feel for what will happen, you can test a few thousand addresses and get an idea of how your campaign is received.

What Are The Risks?

When you rent an opt-in list you need to find out where those email addresses came from like you know while doing email marketing, you get emails from your opt-in page. After all, you don’t want to be paying top dollar to rent an opt-in list and not have it be a quality list.

  1. Make sure that the list is a newer list. One that has been used recently, because you don’t want old email addresses or addresses that are no longer valid.
  2. You also only want email addresses that have been put together in an ethical manner. You don’t want a company that has taken email addresses without the consent of the users.
  3. You especially don’t want email addresses that have been obtained through forums, newsgroups, or other similar areas on the Internet.
  4. You actually want people on the opt-in list to have subscribed to receive information like yours.

Use Safe Lists For Email Marketing

A safe list is a pre-built email list that members share or through solo ads. Anyone can sign up to share the list by paying a small fee. Usually, members can then mail to the list once per day. Due to the fact that the list is not your own personal list, results are not nearly as high. But remember, membership is far less than if you actually purchased the same number of addresses yourself.

However, you can make the most of safe lists if you advertise on them correctly. To do so you’re going to need to design a very high-quality solo advertisement for email marketing. Keep in mind, you are sharing the list with other marketers, so the best solo ads are going to get the highest conversions, whereas the poorly designed solos are going to get very few clicks.

Now because safe-list blasts all go out from the server of the safe list, I don’t actually ever get to see the email addresses within the list. That is of course, unless the member gives his/her address to me. One way I can get them to give their email address to me is to send them to a squeeze page. I can send thousands of people to my squeeze page via the safe list and solo ads, if the user then wants more info they will have to give me one of their email addresses. In the event you are selling your own product and a squeeze page doesn’t work you can always give away a free report or any other free product which requires the user to enter his/her email address. Some of the better safe lists include:


Check Out eBay!

You can make your opt-in list grow through eBay. It doesn’t really matter what you sell. You can sell anything on eBay. This site is the biggest online auction site in the world.

Let’s say you decide to sell a certain product on eBay, only one bidder will win your product. But if you place an opt-in link somewhere on your about me page, you will get email addresses from all of those unsuccessful bidders that like your products which will help you achieve your email marketing goals. This could equal hundreds of email addresses depending on the type of product you have.

Put Your Opt-In Offer On Other Sites

There are lots of different places you can put your opt-in offer other than solo ads. The following lists several techniques you can use to start getting opt-in subscriptions


This is a great place to target your prospects. All you need to do is find a few forums that relate to your industry. Use a keyword and then add a forum on a Google search and you are sure to find something in your industry. You need to be careful in a forum though, you don’t want to be booted out for spamming. You can do this by sticking to the topic at hand and offering links back to your site when you know that you can offer relevant information to other forum users. You can also offer a link back to your site in your forum signature. Some forums I really like include:


Email Signatures

When you send an email solo ad use your electronic signature. This will help advertise your site. An email signature is about two to three lines that act like a business card for you and you use them for every email you send. Your signature can contain your name, email address, physical address, and phone number. You can also give your offer to sign up for your newsletter here.

E-zine And Classified Ads

An easy way to build your list is to advertise your opt-in offer on high-quality solo ads and in e-zine online magazine sites. In this way, your opt-in offer will be in front of a large number of your targeted audience. Certain e-zine online magazines target and have readers in the market that you want. Advertising with this e-zine will let you add new subscriptions to your newsletter or offer. If you have your own newsletter, article site, etc., you might want to swap ad space with another company that targets the same market you do.


If you own a blog and it is a business blog you should offer your opt-in offer on your first page. For bloggers, it’s a little easier, because viewers are there to get information, so they are more willing to give you their email information in exchange for getting more information (as in the newsletter). If you have a blog then you should have an RSS feed. You can place your opt-in offer at the end of each of your new entries that way there will be more of a chance of a viewer subscribing to your newsletter or email marketing offer.

Social Clubs And Organizations

When you come across clubs and organizations that relate to your industry, offer the club members a free subscription to your email marketing newsletter. You can get plenty of subscriptions this way.

You can Also Learn more about Email Marketing at:

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