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How to submit a listing to our directory

Join our Solo Ads Directory of vendors today! If you are a solo ads vendor and want to join our directory, the process of submitting a listing is very easy. You will need a picture of you, 360 by 360 pixels at 72 DPIs, and your information. Check other listings to see what kind of pictures we like!

Please know that we only allow solo ad vendors into our Solo Ads Directory at this time, and your picture must be of you. Logos and product pictures are not allowed, and the listing will be denied.

That is all, let’s get going!

Create your Solo Ads Directory listing

First, go to

From any page, you can submit your listing by clicking on the add listing button in the screen’s top right corner.

From the sign-in screen, click on register if you do not have an account with us, or sign in if you do.

Register with your email and password, and activate your account using the activation link, that was sent to you by email.

After you activate your account, you will be redirected to the Package Selection page. Click on “select package” to continue.

Now you can create your listing! Upload your image and enter your First and Last name. We do not accept company names or product names.

Select the niches you can provide traffic for. If your niche is not listed, make sure you get in contact with us so it can be added.

Finally, enter your website, it is optional but verification of your listing will only be possible if we have your website.

Your listing is now submitted. We will proceed a verify your information and activate the listing.

Once activated you can view and edit your information from your personal dashboard.

You will also see your listing in the directory. Now you can send your customers to post reviews!

That is all! If you have any questions, please get in contact with us!

You should also check our Solo Ads Testimonial group on Facebook, we are the largest and most active solo ads vendor community on the internet!

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