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Top Solo Ad Vendors This Week (Updated 20th June, 2016) :

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  • Matija Balantic
  • Cost Per Click: $0.65
  • Avg. Conversion: 42%

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  • Angela Wong
  • Cost Per Click: $0.32
  • Avg. Conversion: 55%

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  • Roy Tay
  • Cost Per Click: $0.70
  • Avg. Conversion: 43%

employee (1)

  • Darren Goligher
  • Cost Per Click: $0.55
  • Avg. Conversion: 45%

employee (1)

  • Jesper Yeo
  • Cost Per Click: $0.40
  • Avg. Conversion: 54%

solo ads that work
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  • Evan Hoeflich
  • Cost Per Click: $0.55
  • Avg. Conversion: 48%

employee (1)

  • Zaidi Ali
  • Cost Per Click: $0.75
  • Avg. Conversion: 44%

employee (1)

  • Christian Arostegui
  • Cost Per Click: $0.40
  • Avg. Conversion: 50%

employee (1)

  • Kristine Fong
  • Cost Per Click: $0.38
  • Avg. Conversion: 40%

employee (1)

  • Azizul Ahmad
  • Cost Per Click: $0.38
  • Avg. Conversion: 46%

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Solo Ads?

    A Solo Ad is an email send-out/broadcast that you BUY from solo ad vendors to promote your product or service. The Solo Ad Vendors are ‘EMAIL LIST OWNERS’ and they charge you PER CLICK to send traffic to your pages using their email lists (using email broadcasts).

    It’s a Pay Per Click form of advertising where the CPC (cost per click) is decided in advance and the number of clicks is guaranteed.
    Here’s How Solo Ads Work:

    1. You choose a solo ad vendor, we recommend using for obvious reasons.

    2. You communicate with the vendor directly and place the order.

    3. You create a tracking link and send it to the solo ad vendor so that he/she can start sending clicks.

    4. You measure the results using your tracking link stats.

  • Should I Buy Solo Ads? Would They Work For Me?

    Short Answer:

    If you want traffic to your offer – YES! You should.
    Solo ads are the single fastest way to get traffic to your offers. It is predictable, fast and scalable.

    Long Answer:

    Yes! Again, I love solo ads and email traffic. It’s fast, efficient and predictable. That is all I want from a traffic source. But, before buying the traffic you must be clear about your numbers. And to do that you need to calculate your ‘Value Per Visitor’.

    Value per visitor = The Dollar amount that you get out of each visitor using a sales process.
    The Most Money with solo ads is made on the backend. So make sure your sales processes are solid. Let’s say for example you make $1.50 per visitor on your website. Then you can afford to spend as high as $1.49 per click and still turn a profit.

    So you need to know what your numbers are before buying solo ads. If you don’t know what your numbers are yet, don’t worry, all you need to do is run a few hundred/thousand clicks to your offer and you’ll know.

    Solo Ads are one of my most favorite ways of generating traffic online.

  • Where do I buy the Best Solo Ads From?

    One place you can buy a solid Solo Ad from is!

    We’ve been helping people for over 3 years in buying solo ads safely. Although we do not offer our own solo ads, we do buy a ton of traffic and therefore we know the good sellers and how to find them.

    Everyone you see on the website has been thoroughly searched for on the web and they don’t have even 1 negative review. We disqualify anyone with bad reviews because we want YOU to be safe with your traffic buying experience.

    It literally takes us hours at end to find these solo ad vendors and then score them using our magic rating algorithm. This is all done to ensure you safety, so to answer your question:

    Buy Solo Ads From; we’ve listed out the vendors and we make NO MONEY or have no affiliate relationships with any vendor on the website. We just do this to protect people against scammers.

Guaranteed High Quality Solo Ads
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