7 Best Ways to Create an email list with solo ads

Build Your List By Using These Opt-In Incentives​

People receive loads of emails today and there should be a really good reason for them to sign up on your list. Simply making a proposal to email a subscriber every time you have a sale is not going to entice the user to opt into your list. The need for a solo ad opt-in incentive is the prospect of an additional advantage that it will persuade subscribers to divulge their contact details so that they get emails from you.

The best kind of opt-in incentive in solo ads will attract a prospect’s attention, and that attractiveness will overcome their apprehensiveness to give out their personal information.

The following lists seven different ways you can get a visitor to give you his email address for your list building using solo ads. These ways don’t have anything to do with “creating” a newsletter.

1. Launch A Newsletter – The First Opt-In Incentive​

Start an online newsletter that people can subscribe to. An online newsletter can truly be a profitable tool in your business. Through an online newsletter, you can make yourself seem like an expert in your field, especially to your prospective customers and subscribers. Besides this, an online newsletter will help you build your opt-in list with solo ads.

The truth is that many people end up unsubscribing to newsletters because they find them uninteresting and boring. This means that if you are considering starting a newsletter for the sole purpose of creating a prospective mailing list with your solo ads, you should reconsider. There are, after all, many means of getting your email addresses. You should only start a newsletter, if you feel that you can keep adding new and interesting information to your newsletter, information that pertains to your industry.

2. Allow A Free Download in solo ads – The Second Opt-In Incentive

If your product is software then providing a free download through solo ads is a great option to offer your prospects and get them to give you their email address. If you offer a free trial period, say about 30 days, then you will get your prospective user to try your product, and they may want to purchase the full version. Because they have downloaded the trial version and you got their email address in the process, you can send them solo ads offering a discount on the full version. This makes your offer seem even more appealing.

It is not as difficult as you might think, making people buy a full version of a software program after having downloaded a trial version through solo ads. You can install a registration feature that comes up after the trial period has expired, where the user needs to insert the registration code in order to continue using the program, or the trial version can lack certain features that only the full version has, etc.

3. Offer A Free Course- The Third Opt-In Incentive

A great way to get prospective subscribers to give you their email addresses is to offer them a free e-course on an interesting subject. After all, people love it, when they are given free items. If it is right for your business you can give the customer the first course right on the website before the opt-in to establish trust and give value right away. By offering a free e-course you will also become an expert in your field, which will make people believe in you and your product.

You might even consider sending different parts of the free e-course by solo ads at different times, that way you will continue to be on the subscriber’s mind all the time.

You might even consider sending different parts of the free e-course by solo ads at different times, that way you will continue to be on the subscriber’s mind all the time.

The e-course can contain a variety of elements. You can include video, text, and audio files, and use whatever medium that helps your cause. You are not bound by media when you use solo ads, because you can send your reader to the website where the e-course is located by offering them a link.

4. Offer Some Kind Of Contest – The Fourth Opt-In Incentive

When a newsletter through email solo ads doesn’t seem to fit the bill for your site, then you could try some kind of a contest. This is a great way to get information about different customers. The greatest benefit of contests is that you can use them for both customers online and off.

The online contest uses the same idea as your local diner with the jar on the counter, where you drop your business card, and hope you win the next free dinner for two.

If you have a site that sells electronics, you can hold a contest where prospective customers can win a free iPad or a free memory card.

There are some business owners out there that cannot feasibly run a contest, especially if they only have one product. You cannot possibly give away the only product you are trying to sell. Then all of your prospects will want to enter the contest and not buy the product.

5. Give Away A Free eBook- The Fifth Opt-In Incentive​

Prospective clients like free ebooks and this can make them want to sign up and give you their email information. Choose a topic according to your product, something along the lines of “10 ways to save money during the holidays.” You will need to write the ebook, but not all ebooks are long. You can even pack loads of information into a 10-page ebook.

A free ebook will help you build your opt-in list, but it will also let the prospective customer know a little bit more about you and your products. Plus it will give you great credibility, and credibility helps build a rapport and a relationship with them. If you feel like you don’t have the time to write an ebook, or don’t have the necessary skills, then you can outsource the job. Hiring a freelancer may cost you between $10 and $70 an hour, but will definitely save you some time and money in the long run.

There are quite a number of freelance websites where you can find a good freelancer writer. A couple of my favorites include Elance or Guru. Both are very good websites where you can find freelance writers that are affordable.

There are all kinds of software programs available to help you create your ebook. Just do a quick search and you will get lots of options. I recommend doing your ebooks in PDF format as it allows easy access for the visitor and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh formats. If you don’t have a PDF converter already, a great place to find several free PDF converters is Download.com.

6. Downloadable Articles – The Sixth Opt-In Incentive

If your site contains a lot of useful articles, a great way to get that opt-in list is to have your viewers give you their email addresses in order to be able to download any of the interesting articles they want to view.

This is a great option especially if you have a business where your viewer might need a diagram or certain schematics. In order to get this diagram or schematics, the viewer would need to give you his email address. You can also offer articles that visitors must pay for; here you are sure to get a lot of premium sign-ups.

Another way to use articles to acquire opt-ins is to post only a portion of the article to the site. Another example of giving value first and asking for contact information second. If the visitors want to continue reading the articles they will have to then sign up and give you their email address.

7. Fabricate A “Members Only” On Your Site – The Seventh Opt-In Incentive

Here you allow your viewers to have full access to your site only after signing up as a member. In the members-only section, you can offer information that only they will be interested in, whether that is interesting articles, financial information (in the event that your website is finance-based), or even special craft projects if you happen to have a craft website.

You can also check the stealth list-building Formula for solo ads: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/109735345/

You might even decide to start a frequently asked questions and answers page in the members-only section. A place where the viewer can ask the expert any related question to the site.

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