Pricing the product right

In this article, we are going to talk about how to use Solo Ads depending on the price point of your products.

There are 3 categories of traffic; there’s cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic. Cold traffic doesn’t know you and doesn’t trust you, warm traffic knows you a little bit or knows about your offer a little bit, and hot traffic they want your product.

1. Direct sales from your Solo Ads

Solo Ads are cold traffic. You are basically sending an email to a person that doesn’t know you and asking them to purchase a product. In this case, anything under $47 will work best.

In order to sell higher-ticket products, you will need warmer traffic. To transform your traffic from cold to hot you have to take them through your sales funnel. We will talk more about that in another article, but for now, if you want to make sales on cold traffic, you must have an offer that is on the low end of the spectrum. Cold traffic works best for anything under $47.

You could make sales in the $47-$197 range with Solo Ads, but you will need to have a very solid long-form sales letter or a Video Sales Letter that’s engaging and well-crafted.

2. Mid-tier price products

If your product sells for over $500, say from $500 to $1,000, then webinars with Q&A at the end work the best. It has to have some form of 2-way dialogue where people can actually ask you questions if they’ve any doubts because a sale is usually made when they’re really hot.

So if somebody watches your webinar and they’re excited about the message that you deliver in the content and you answer the questions you have a much higher chance of getting them as a client.

The conversion rates are going to drop significantly if you use a pre-recorded webinar versus a webinar with Q&A at the end.

Anything over $1,000 will require a phone call, so you can answer any questions, figure out what their problems are, and help them out with the solutions.

3. High-ticket products

To sell high-ticket products you will have to engage with the prospect even further. We have sold products in the $5,000 to $10,000 range and it always requires a phone call after the product has been presented on the webinar and most questions have been answered publicly. The prospects will want to interact with you one to one to make sure they fully understand what you are offering and make a decision.

The goal of a webinar to sell high-ticket products should be to secure appointments for the phone call then.

With emails you’re not going to be able to sell a $5,000 product. But if you move your prospect from the email to the webinar to the call, then it will be really easy because you have a system to build that trust over the phone, show them that you can actually help them, you are a trustworthy guy and build that likeability that es needed for them to make the decision to buy.

People don’t buy from people they do not like. People buy from people who they like. So that’s what you need to do if you have a $1,000+ price point.

A word of warning

There are a lot of generic offers that get affiliates to promote the same offers without really doing much. Generic offers would be when you get access to a sales letter and then you sell that as your own for a percentage of the clicks.

If you’re promoting a generic offer use custom opt-in pages. and custom email sequences as the standard ones have been overused, and overexposed in the market. You are not going to see the kind of conversions that you want if you’re selling a generic offer unless you’re using custom opt-in pages and custom email sequences.

We hope this will help you to understand how you can use Solo Ads to build your funnel and sell your product regardless of its price point.

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