Why you do not get sales

Okay, so in this video, we’re gonna talk about, why you don’t get any sales with Solo Ads or other sources of traffic? Right. So there are 3 major moving parts or elements that affect your online business, right. So the #1 and the most important part is product, the other one is Traffic, and then it’s the funnel.

So you’ve your product on the funnel and then you send traffic to your funnel and it sells the product, right. And now let’s decipher the places where problems can occur and what to do about them, right.

So let’s see what affects the sales that you make based on the elements, right. So the #1 is product. Product could have pricing issues, I have made a separate video for that. Go through that video and it’s gonna tell you different price points that work with cold traffic and Solo Ads or email ads is a form of cold traffic because cold traffic is basically people who don’t already know you.

So they’re not gonna trust you, so the conversion rates on cold traffic is usually a lot lower than it is on warm traffic or hot traffic. Hot traffic is basically people who are ready to buy, right.

So it could have pricing issues, or it could have product issues. Maybe the product is shitty, maybe nobody wants that. Then it is also about negative reviews what people do is people look for reviews before they make a buying decision. So if there are negative reviews available on google for the product that you’re trying to promote they’re not gonna buy because nobody wants to risk their money, right.

And then the third part is over exposure, in fact it’s the fourth. So it’s over-exposure of the product, what happens is if you’re promoting a generic offer that has tens of affiliates promoting it, tens of hundreds of affiliates promoting that same offer. You’re all buying Solo Ads from the same sources because there are not a lot of credible sources in the market for where Solo Ads are being sold. So it’s SoloAdsX.com which is my Solo Ads directory.

There is Solo Ads Testimonials group which is the biggest and the most active group in the world when it comes to buying Solo Ads. And that’s also something that I own and operate.

Then there is Udimi and there used to be Skype groups but majorly most of the businesses done on Facebook right now, right. So if the product has been exposed to the audience a lot of times, the conversion rates are gonna go down.

So that’s a product related issue. If you’re using generic products what you need to do is you need to have custom emails, you’ve to have custom opt-in pages and that’s how you will be able to sell and differentiate yourself in the market. And you’re not gonna get sales if you just keep pushing the same opt-in pages because you know everybody is buying from the same pool of traffic vendors and if it all looks the same, the conversion rates are definitely gonna drop, right.

Then it’s the traffic sources. Don’t buy shit traffic from cheap Solo Ad Vendors. Now don’t buy anything under 20 cents or 30 cents because in most cases it’s gonna be just shit traffic that’s not gonna convert. It’s gonna be full of bots and last time I checked bots don’t buy, they don’t have credit cards.

So that’s the thing you want to choose sources that are credible and I’ve made a video on that too. Go take a look at that video and it’s gonna give you, you know the sources of good traffic and that can actually help you get conversions, right.

The second part that affects the conversion rates related to the traffic source element is wrong message in the email, right. So this only relates to email ads if somebody sending out an email saying that you know how to lose 10 pounds in 14 days and they lead them on to a page because most Solo Ad vendor use rotators, right.

So if they lead them to a page that tells them how to get $300-$400 per day there is a complete mismatch there is no congruency in the message that the market received and the message that’s on your opt-in page or your Video Sales Letter or the Sales page, right.

So it also affects the conversion rates. Then too many bots, if you buy traffic from shitty sources it’s gonna have too many bots and that’s gonna affect the conversion rates. And the last part is wrong age or interest groups.

So wrong targeting if you’re buying traffic from Facebook or you’re buying traffic from Google. It’s gonna affect these 2 factors, the age and the interest group is gonna affect the conversion rates that you get, right. So what I target in my ads to my offers is anybody who is over the age of 35. I’ve gone down to 30 but I think 35-55 works the best for me.

And the interest group, they’ve to be interested in similar products and services in my market. So I target authors in my niche, I target influencers in my niche and that’s about it for the traffic sources. Just figure out what’s going on with your product, the traffic sources and then when it comes to the funnel if you’re getting opt-ins, right.

So there’s a video that I’ve made called Troubleshooting your online business, take a look at that. And most of these videos build on each other and that’s why I’m referring to the other videos in this video.

So yeah, take a look at that. And the last part is the funnel, if the follow up process is wrong if the Video Sales Letter or the long form sales letter whatever you use, if that sucks or the opt-in page in itself sucks, it’s not gonna get you any conversions at all. If you’re using a generic offer as I said earlier use custom opt-in pages and swipe files and that’s how you get conversions, right.

So the 3 elements are, the product, the messaging and the traffic source, right. Product, funnel and the traffic source, those are the 3 elements and now let’s discuss how you can actually make Solo Ads work for you and make money with it, right.

The first one is the product, the product must be good. People are sick and tired of lambos and throwing money in the VSLs. They are sick and tired of, you know big money promises, how to become a millionaire overnight, people are smarter now.

So that’s doesn’t really work now, it used to work really-really well earlier. Whenever you see somebody coming out of a Lamborghini with a briefcase full of cash. It just makes the visitor like push the BS button, it’s just bullshit it’s just a scam.

That’s what they think and you shouldn’t really be doing it because the market has moved on from that, people are smarter they know what’s working and the Lamborghini is in the false promise and the big promises they don’t work anymore, right.

Two, the messaging. Your messaging inside the emails and the opt-in pages must be congruent. Message to market fit is really-really important and the market to product fit is also important. You cannot sell 6 pack abs ebook to someone who’s in their 70s, right, just an example, right.

So it’s just very important to have a correct message to market to product fit. Then the price point with Solo Ads lower front end products work the best and anything over $200 I think anything over $100 the conversion rate drops significantly. So anything under $47 is the best offer to promote with Solo Ads.

Then the follow up sequence it must be at least 15 days that’s what I use in my business. I usually go about 30 days but the least should be 15 days. And multiple emails per day, send out 2 emails per day in the first week because you know the problem with emails right now is people are signed up so many email list that your email is gonna be buried in their inbox, right.

So you wanna send 2 emails per day in the first week so you can get most of the people who are opening your emails to land up on your offer and then take the buying decision whether they wanna buy or not, okay. But you’ve to send out at least 2 emails in the first week, 2 emails per day in the first week, okay.

Then it is credible traffic, once you’ve all these things in place just take a look at your offer, be a little smart about it, use your common sense and you’re gonna able to figure out what’s going on. And then once you do that always buy traffic from credible sources, drive traffic from trusted Solo Ad vendors.

So I’ve made separate videos for all these topics you can access them just by going to the Solo Ads Testimonials group or just going to the SoloAdsX page, right. So here are the 3 major moving parts of your business that affect your online sales, product, traffic and funnel.

So I’ve given you methods of how to make this works with Solo Ads in this slide right here. Make sure that the product is right, the messaging is right, the price point is under $47, the follow up sequences on point and then you buy just traffic from credible sources that’s how you make Solo Ads work for your offer.

And the reason why I’m making these videos right now is because I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis through my websites and my support desk and most people that I speak to, they’ve been trying to make money with this online marketing thing for years with little to none success.

They’ve tried blogging, they’ve tried social media, they’ve bought product after product and they’re still not made any money. They’re jumping from one shiny object to the other but they’re not getting any results. They sound desperate for success they want to make it work, they’re working hard but they just don’t know how.

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